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Monday, 2 January 2012

what can you do with Bad Dog Behaviour

what can you do with Bad Dog Behavior
Behavioral problemsDo not let your puppy to learn bad habits! It is the cause of most behavioral problems that boredom and isolation.
 This is why you do not need to spend some time each day with your puppy and take with you at home or in the backyard while.
It should be when you're not at home puppy will not be loose in the house, but it should be in a cage, in a small room like a puppy proof the bathroom or child gated in the kitchen.Now is the time to develop a model of control barking.
 This is probably one of the most frustrating problems faced by the owner of the dog. Could create enemies, and neighbors can lead to fines and warnings of control agencies and other animals is justified.
Any dog ​​that barks non-stop for long periods of time that are causing great pain to many innocent people, and contribute to the anti-dog sentiment.  
Responsible dog owner begins to avoid this problem by training a puppy to live a / quiet quiet.Bark is a natural activity for dogs.  
There is no reason to expect that the dog never barks, but you can expect him to learn to stop barking. 
 Usually you try to use the noise subsided, but it seems to be very effective.
When the puppy barked a couple of times, and to make orders and shut up or moved by the collar and walk him away from the thing that makes him bark.
Put the dog in a sit / stay and paid to him if the dog was barking continues to move from an area once used for gentle tones and stops barking praise the puppy.
This is an ongoing process.  
Some puppies learn quickly closed, while others have regular setbacks. Like many other aspects of the behavior of the puppy, you're automatically on this problem every time it occurs.Shout your puppy to stop barking, barking like you, as well as increasing anxiety or fear puppies. 
 Puppy is likely to think that you join, you will only continue to bark.
There are many layers of bark, some as simple as, "Did you hear that" to "go away, and I'm big and threatening."Caused some problems similar to those of the Bay has caused some problems of excessive chewing, digging, and not enough time spent with the puppy, and do not exercise enough for the puppy.Practice makes perfect!Preparation of friends coming to your door and ring the bell. Use the methods described above. Sit / stay or down / stay works well for this purpose. 
 Processed and prepared for this when it stops barking reinforced and sit / stay dog ​​receives a prize.


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