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Friday, 6 January 2012

Why train a dog to sit?

 Why train a dog to sit?
You need to train your dog to sit. Teaching sit very valuable. Here are some reasons to train your dog to sit. We will help you to find out why to teach your dog to sit, and this is very important.Reason 1: dog to stop jumpingI teach all the dogs that I work with a sit to get my attention. Why? The dog can not sit and jump at the same time. If your dog knows how to attract attention is to sit down, chose to sit instead of jump. Really impresses people you meet in it, too.Reason 2: to show that the charge for foodI train the dog to sit and stay while you feed it. 
 This not only prevents them from jumping on me during the process of breastfeeding, it also reinforces the idea that I am responsible for reminding the dog that I have control and access to food known. 
 This is achieved by the second, it must remain until I put down the food, and release it to eat.Reason 3: Turn off the dogs run out the front doorTo reduce the likelihood that the dog bolt through the open door, and I taught to sit and stay while you open the door or gate.
Dog to stay until allowed to pass through the door. 
 If I go through the door with him, I start to go first. 
 This, again, reinforces my position as it is in a position of responsibility, because the dominant dog will go through the doors to dogs are more submissive.Reason 4: To maintain the integrity of the dog in the street cornersI have my dog ​​sitting before crossing the road.  
This becomes a habit of stopping to go to the street, thus reducing the chances that you will run out on the street is this opportunity.
Keeps even the most peaceful time while waiting to cross.Reason 5: To keep a dog quietI also rest while I was talking to someone on the walk.  
This lets me know where they are and what they do, without me having to be constantly watched.Reason 6: to take the gameI advise you to train your dog to sit when it rises again to play the games in the lead. This will keep running with games, and increases the probability that the game will bring up to you.So these are some of the things I use the "sit", because when I work with a dog. 
 I'm sure has helped us understand the importance of the issue.
As for my dog, Emma, ​​now sat every time he wanted something. All I can do is find out what you want. 


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