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Sunday, 25 December 2011

About Your Dog

About Your Dog
New to dog ownership, or maybe an animal bored? Then you may be wondering how to keep your dog happy. Happy dog​​, is not likely to be bored, and therefore less likely to get up to evil.
So here goes ....
Tip 1
Give a lot of exercise your dog. Enter the daily routine.

Take the dog for a walk along is good, every morning or evening, or even if time allows both. Your dog will benefit, because it will keep the extra weight, and relieve the boredom and give your dog the chance to meet new friends.
Tip 2
Give your dog a good time to close the kennel.

This is very important. Just like us, dogs hate being too hot or cold, or wet. If you live in cold regions can take into account the radiant heat for your dog to keep him or her comfortable during the night. Consider having a flexible covering over the entrance to keep projects on breeding dogs, and make sure the kennel and bedding appropriate for your dog.  
And remember to wash your bedding regularly and breeding dogs, and treat the fleas. 
Do all this and your dog will be content and happy.
Tip 3
Give your dog a variety of foods. Just like us, dogs can become bored with the same old food. Provide a mix of wet and dry food, bones, and in some cases. It should not be treated as used as a reward for obedience. 

Make sure your diet is food for dogs and provides a balance between all things that dogs need.  
If you need further information, consult your local veterinarian
And remember, eating a balanced diet is more capable of improving the health of your dog.
So try these tips, I'm sure will be a happier and healthier dog.


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