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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Dogs Training

The dogs can be trained for use within the newspaper to be a source of confusion because, since the deletion is found to be acceptable in the home.
When possible, train the puppy to eliminate in an area in the open air, but if you must use at home, you should use the timing of cash before leaving the puppy to his newspaper.
Avoid accidents in the home, limiting the dog for breeding dogs, so you can pull to reduce the dog relieves itself.
As, and the use of words such as "hurry up", which is commendable.  
Soon eliminate puppy when you give the command "hurry up".
Dogs actively avoid soiling personal quarters. Restrict your puppy to the crate whenever you are busy, and give the game chew.  

Time trouble monitoring, to relieve the pressure on himself when necessary. Make sure the crate is the right size for your dog, if too large, and the soil had a puppy.  
Control your temper, while training a puppy home.
Hot Dog is useless unless you actually see the inside of the judiciary.  

If you do, and say "No" sharply, and the transfer of the dog to the designated place.  
Prevent accidents that occur continuously monitor the puppy. 
if  direct supervision is not possible, it is best to keep the dog in his cage. The dog will need to eliminate after sleeping, playing, especially after eating or be confined to his bed. 
 Always keep in mind that the puppy will relieve himself sixteen weeks in every two or three hours.
Dog feces is not only a public health hazard to people and other dogs, but also poses a threat to the aesthetic environment.

Ensure good relations with the community and always clean up after your dog. When you take the dog in a public place, and remember to take a scoop tube or plastic bag is simple.
 If possible, use biodegradable bags.  
Internal training is easier and more successful when the first dog is limited to only a portion of the house.  
Baby gates and crates are ideal for temporarily restricting the dog to one place.
 Provides training in the home, the gates can be transferred and the funds to different rooms.
 Suddenly a dog puts his nose down and smells is usually intensely reports that he is serving his needs.
Spray commercial products, thus encouraging the puppy to use a particular area, and are available in most pet stores.  

When you take the dog outside, keep the interest that you talk about or show with the play to ensure the absence of any accidents on the road.  
Say "hurry up", as the puppy eliminates, and praise him for good behavior. 


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