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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Learn More About Pekingese Dog

 Learn More About Pekingese Dog
As they say dogs are man's best friend. But the reality depends on the training of a dog.
And even the best breed of dog to be good, if not well trained. 
 If you are thinking of wearing a bikini dog Beijing children in your family may also consider training well.
 Having a dog around you and your family become the easiest way with the proper training.
There have been many studies on the formation of the dogs all the tricks that determine the efficiency of regulating your pet to avoid the risk of behavioral problems and other bites. Obedience training involves a series of steps to teach your dog a good education.
Here are some of the behaviors of obedience dogs more desirable in a bikini children of Beijing:
1) make the dog heel and loose leash walking: the formation base of the heel makes walking your dog immediately to your left.  
Your pet will automatically follow your path and move along to you without any effort on your part.
A loose leash on the other hand means that the dog to move freely as long as there is no tension on the leash.
Heel, so you should get something to train your dog.
2) Sit: This is one of the most important behaviors of obedience because it gives you complete control over your dog.  
They do not dare to move or jump at all when given the command to sit. It also allows the dog to be completely attentive to you.
3) Bottom:
This command allows your dog to lie still until the contrary.  
It 'very effective to give the rest of your dog.
Down position also allows you to clearly see if the dog wants to get up. 
 To teach this command to make the dog is taught to be very easy.
4) Leave:
This is often taken lightly by the majority of dog owners around the world. But this is very important.
Order your dog to leave everything aside and concentrate all his attention on something that you want in many cases. 
 You must teach your dog this command if you want to take him out on tour in parks and other public places.
5) quiet: There are times when the dog continues to bark for some distraction.  
Forcing it to close and then the gigantic task indeed.  
But if you train your dog to obey orders to be silent that you have complete control of the situation