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Saturday, 24 December 2011

socialization of a dog

Socialization is the most ignored in the dog training each dog to be successful.
Can the absence of this link in a dog disobedience and aggression lead to problems for the dog that all dog owners know. 
 And "should be better if he will be training your dog in its first year and the dog is still young to be trained properly.
This will keep the dog always a great relationship with you and the owner, and also keep the dog know how to behave with other people and other dogs as well.
Many dog ​​owners underestimate the benefits and advantages of a dog socialization, especially when the dog is still a puppy. 
 Train your dog how to behave in the presence of strangers and other animals will also be remembered always for all of the time when training your dog right.  
You do not have to take the dog for granted.
Your dog should be allowed to know and see that he had always loved and cared for. 
 Bad behavior in dogs is the result of neglect and lack of care.
This means the dog will bark and waste all the time to people passing by your home.
Take the dog and left him walking, jogging and playing in the local dog park or in your neighborhood means a lot for him.
 It will help your dog to develop his mental shape. And without it, and some other pampering your dog become balanced, and will always seek attention.
You must leave your dog feel safe and private to help him improve his position you as the owner and other people and other dogs as well.
It will help the dog socialization of your dog in human his / her dogs or dogs of the relationship of dogs.
In an attempt to give some time for your dog to play with you and get the necessary practice in a day or three times a week. 
 In addition to their rule, such as bathing or washing, they also need some exercise to release some of its energy needs.
There are many things that can show that the dog is special, how to take your dog to the dog park or playground once a week. 
 Try to give your dog some time, "additional to improve his position, and social behavior towards others, and some other dogs. Try and allow them to play without restrictions, and not to control every movement.
Just let them play and time together with the other dogs that do not know. 
Dog needs to establish good relations with other dogs, such as your neighbor's dogs and other strange dogs as well.
May be your dog a good relationship with the dogs that are foreign to it, when he had the socialization of a dog.
This will help him not to fight with some other dogs and other animals as well. Should not hamper the ability of the dog to have a good relationship with other dogs and not to be very safe on this topic.
With the right information, dog obedience classes can be easy. 
 For the best chance of success, why not look at the top dog training courses are available?


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