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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Training Your Dog

Training Your Dog
Start training your dog from an early age is essential. During the first months of his life since he actually has the greatest influence, and this is the place to train your dog is about to end, when it grew and grew all.
There are different strategies to train dogs. 
 Just like all people learn in different ways, and all dogs learn differently.
You must look for some different training styles and see which of them work best for your particular dog. If in doubt, contact a professional and get their opinion, or access to vocational training.
Looking at your behavior when you're training your pet. It must be kept quiet, but firm at all times. They tend not to show anger or raise your voice.  
If you do, your dog will require you to shout orders to be able to follow, if this is the way that train.
To teach the dog how to best serve the needs of basic techniques, but a large amount of repetition.  
The easiest way to do this is that the game be in one hand and dealing with each other, and when you're inside the house simply walk away from him, the game will stand and call you, every time comes to give therapy , always use it to come to you plan to use in the future. 
 Do this a couple of times every day is an effective way to teach him, but do not forget that you have a lot of tears extended to not get bored and eventually enjoy it, do not forget the snacks and the dog!
Need to impose more training will give you your four-legged friend.  
Giving orders that are not positive about it or do not want to follow the path of reducing your side with a leader. Do not ask, beg or scream.
Provides the dominant tone commands and expect your dog to the provision of appropriate behavior. 
 Your dog sees you as a true leader as a follow-up.
Can induce him to sit a little 'more difficult, but requires only basic training of the dog. 
 When the master is called, the position of the hand on the back end and the "sitting" of the state, while driving carefully on the back, once seated to provide him with the butt of my presence and lots of praise. 
 If you want to sit longer just a block giving the treatment and praise, and they sit down, but take some time bowing to him and give him stories about it.


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