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Monday, 26 December 2011

Tips for Obedience Training of a Dog

For most pet owners, they feel as though obedience training is essential when trying to form a healthy and solid relationship with their canine. However, most dog owners aren't even aware of what really is it and why it is important. Further, most dog owners don't even know the first steps of obedience training of a dog. Below, we'll delve into all of this starting with an explanation of obedience training and ending with tips for obedience training of a dog.
What is Obedience Training of a Dog?
Obedience training is simply a general term that refers to any and all of the methods that are used to get your dog to behave appropriately. Obedience training techniques can include but are by no means limited to positive reinforcement, clicker training, reward training, marker training, collar and leash as well as dog whispering.
Is Obedience Training of a Dog Important
Absolutely unless you don't want a good relationship with your dog! It helps to establish a very healthy and close relationship between the human and canine. This training helps you, as the pet owner, to know what to expect from your pup under any circumstance and it helps your dog understand what you expect out of him/her. 
The communication between the both of you is 100 percent clear on both sides of the relationship.
Obedience training is helpful is teaching your dog the boundaries of certain situations such as how to behave around other animals and people as well as in general.
Last but not least, it helps to eliminate or at the very least minimize inappropriate behavior of your dog such as excessive barking, biting, nipping, chewing, etc.
Tips for Obedience Training of a Dog
Now on to the good stuff! After reading the above, you now understand what obedience training is and just why it is so important for you and your dog - especially for your relationship with one another. Here are a few tips that will help you in making progress with your pup:
• Your dog will not know what is expected of him/her immediately, so don't expect that he/she will be able to exactly what you want from day one.
In order for your dog to find success in obedience training, he/she needs to see consistency and repetition.
Remember, your dog did not come with a "how to" manual so he/she does not know how to act - you are his/her manual.
• Always praise and reward your dog for good behavior.
When your canine has done what you asked, reward him/her with a treat or new chew toy. When your canine does not do what you have asked, there should be no reward, but you should take time to show him/her the correction - what he/she should have done.
• If you have not yet trained your pup on a specific behavior and he acts inappropriately, don't punish him/her.
If he/she does not know how to act because you haven't' spent time on the training aspect of that behavior then it is unfair for you to punish him/her
• Understand training takes time.
This isn't some overnight trick that is going to get your dog to behave appropriately.
Take things slow and help your dog master a single command at one time.
Don't pile on five commands at once and expect your dog to learn them.
Master one and move on to the next. Master that one and move on the third.
• Always build on what you have already taught your pet.
Never let him/her forget the previous mastered commands. Focus primarily on new ones, but always bring the old ones back to ensure that he/she is still familiar with them.


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