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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Why dogs bark at you

 Why dogs bark at you
Picture this, you're walking in the park, minding your own business when suddenly a dog comes up to you and starts barking.
You start to panic because there is no reason for this dog to be barking at you.
Why is this dog barking?
Dogs bark because we humans want our dogs to bark
 For years we have allowed the process of domestication and selective breeding of dogs we have to develop their skills barking.
Wolves do not bark, so through the process of genetic engineering and selective breeding of dogs in these days to have the ability to retain the properties of events. 
This is through a process known as neoteny.
People chose to keep the infantile traits of wolves like large heads, flat faces, large eyes and, of course, the ability to communicate by barking.
Barking was further developed in dogs in order to scare intruders or to help the master out (i.e. on farms to assist in gathering the sheep).
Most dogs simply bark to communicate, to get attention, or simply to show their excitement. Training and lifestyle are important factors in teaching the dog how to communicate with its master.
Dogs are extremely social animals. 
Wolves themselves always travel in packs are usually never alone.
Bringing a dog into your family is basically like bringing a wolf into a pack.
It becomes a part of the family.
Try not to leave it alone otherwise it will feel as if it was abandoned by the pack.
 Dogs are like having a baby in the house.
They need love, attention, and someone to be there to take care of them.
Like people they need a companion to blossom.
Meeting your dog's emotional need for companionship and play will allow the two of you to form a strong bond together.
Sometimes having a second dog in the house can minimize the barking and minimize the loneliness.
Although this may be rewarding at some times, it can also be a pain. 
Your best bet would be to maximize training of your dog when it decides to bark.
Sometimes having two dogs may cause havoc because they may teach each other to bark more.
From the example above, dogs who bark at people are trained in a specific way.


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