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Monday, 2 January 2012

reward system in dog training

 reward system in dog training
For dog owners, and the reward system and is found in dog training is better than punishing the dog. Will benefit from dog treats to leave their dogs did not know that a good thing and that is support for repeating the same procedure several times.  
This is the best way to use them to help make the dog to remember commands that had taught him faster. Just make sure to give clear orders and do not jump into something new if your pet has been able to control even the first. We start with the first group, which is usually respond when called.It 'important to choose the right treatment for dog training.
To find the perfect treatment that will make every effort worth spending.  
Owners of animals usually depends on the flavor of their dog or simply choose the best treatment available. For example, try these Greenies dog.
 f this does not make the dog listens to you, try to find another type of treatment or to consider a different approach. 
 Attempt to verify the contents of processed food to give your pet, you do not want them put all the important medical problems facing it.
Attempt to start training after having been able to buy a gift you need. 
 Try using clear command and use the name of your pet as much as possible. 
 Try to stick with one style in giving orders. 
 And 'even better to have fewer distractions and the surrounding areas. 
 Trying to find an empty room or your patio, where there may be one on one time with your loving pet.In the training of dogs, it is important to give the dog treats each command are doing well.  
But only answering to their names or their call to you is treatment. 
 Make sure you always have a pleasure in your pocket or hand deliver them.  
This is also an example of positive reinforcement, which determine the behavior for the last good pets.Training dogs takes a lot of effort and patience from the owner.
 And all this will be greatly rewarded if you can achieve your goal. Enjoy your favorite company is the best reward that every dog ​​lover can be.


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