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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Should I buy a dog

Should I buy  a dog
It’s hard to ignore a “Puppies for Sale!” advertisement, especially when you’re currently looking for a dog for your home
If you’re looking for a specific type of dog, such as a Labrador Retriever, you may currently be searching for Labrador puppies for sale in your area. 
However, choosing to bring a dog into your home is a big responsibility, one that may require you to make some difficult choices. 
One of the most common questions that requires a quick decision is, “Should I adopt or buy a dog
There are many factors that can influence your choice.
Adopting a Dog
In general, adopting a dog generally refers to a dog that is adopted from an animal shelter. Dogs in animal shelters may be abandoned, given up due to lifestyle restraints, or the animals of former pet owners that developed allergies. Puppies in animal shelters may be from orphaned litters, or from litters of pet owners that weren’t able to find homes for them. Many puppies in animal shelters are the first to be adopted, since a lot of pet owners like to do the initial training of a puppy themselves.
There are many benefits associated with adopting a dog from an animal shelter. One of these benefits is that by adopting from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder, you are saving that dog from potentially being euthanized. Animal shelters have a limited capacity, and may need to euthanize dogs that have been there for a period of time. Another benefit is that dogs from shelters are often spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated and have received basic medical care. This means that you could save a significant amount of money in veterinary bills.
Buying a Dog
Buying a dog from a breeder may seem to be the simplest choice, but it can actually result in a significant amount of problems
Dogs from breeders may have genetic defects (due to inbreeding), and are usually not given any vaccinations or a spay/neuter operation. In addition to this, if you purchase a dog from a pet store, you may be supporting “Puppy Mills”, which do not take into account the health and welfare of their dogs. Even if you search for puppies for sale UK, you still run the risk of buying a puppy that has existing health problems

So, Should I Buy a Dog
In general, adopting a dog from a shelter is your best choice
 It is more economical in terms of veterinary costs, and also allows you to save a dog from potentially being euthanized


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