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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Top Tips For Dog Exercise And Training

Top Tips For Dog Exercise And Training
Dogs, like small children, tend to have an attention span.
It 'important that the attention to the dog, and end the workout before losing interest. Puppies are already excessive, and can be stimulated more.
Using the touch and seems simple is the best way to communicate with dogs, of course.

They do not understand the words, so it must be subordinated to them, which means the sound.
It can also be used as the Persians.

To be used for "click" sound to recognize that the dog would have done the behavior of this request. Then give the reward and praise.
The dog begins to connect the sound with the treatment, which makes them want to continue doing so over and over again.
Always try to use hand signals with your orders.

In fact, I find it useful to train your dog with hand signals prior to their education with the orders of the word.
Once the dog knows the behavior you expect, it's easy for him to associate the word used.
There are many different methods to teach the basic commands like "sit".
To force him to obey the command to sit, call the name of your dog and use the hand signal you choose to stand side by side with it.

Gently but firmly push down on your back, while pulling gently on the leash.
When he does the correct sitting position, use the Persians, and praise him and give him treatment.
Puppy on a leash
If you have a puppy, we must first get used to the collar and leash itself.

Let it go around the house or in the yard wearing a collar and under close supervision, pull the steering wheel.
While holding the steering wheel, you can keep your treatment on hand.

Keep your hand on your part on the level of the head for him to walk your dog at your side.
Then get him to stop and sit for the treatment.
When you walk your dog, it is important to keep the leash short and loose.

When you need to make the correction, do it quickly, and then relax at the wheel again.
Mastery of walking with your dog is one of the most useful things you can do to connect with your friend.