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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How To Cure Noise Phobias in your dog

 How To Cure Noise Phobias in your dog
Fear of dogs, the loud voices. I noticed that changes the behavior of your dog every time there is a strong sudden noises.
Your dog has done an extraordinary or a fear of this and I can say that he has a phobia of noise.Fear of environmental noise is a term that many dog ​​owners, as well as veterinarians use to describe the behavioral responses that appear every time the dogs heard the loud voices. 
 To confirm that in fact afraid of the dog, the dog's behavior can include excessive barking, and whining, digging, urinating or defecating uncontrolled and aggressive behavior, even when there is a wave of loud sounds.If you are wondering how the fear of the dog from loud sounds affect you and the lifestyle of your dog, do not worry because there are things you can do for the treatment of noise phobia dog. It will be the following discussion of some common things that most dog owners do to resolve their fear of loud sounds dog.One thing you can do is to get your dog used to loud noise, to the end, your dog will not be affected by environmental noise.
You can do this by downloading the audio recording of loud sounds such as thunderstorms, gunshots, fireworks, sirens, and loves the volume is too low.  
You may have difficulty hearing sounds high, but the dog did not. 
 This is because dogs have very sensitive ears so do not worry if the sound is barely audible to you. After one or two days, and increase the volume of the scratch audio recording and allow to remain in this dimension in the next two or three days and then you can increase the rank of second hand.
It 'important to do it slowly and gradually so as not to surprise the dog that can bring both back to the starting point.
Remember that they have a lot of patience with your dog every time he tried to cure phobias noise. 
 This takes time and every dog ​​presents different training responses so as not to become frustrated or give up your four-legged friends.Another way to use is to allow the prompt from the dog's positive experience every time you hear a loud sounds.
When there is a thunderstorm, fireworks, etc., and give your dog a tasty or her favorite chew on when it's calm or indifferent to loud noise.  
There is no doubt that they refrain from giving positive rewards if the dog is fear during the tumultuous events.
Otherwise, your dog may associate his behavior with positive attention he was afraid, and you think that his behavior is rewarded and encouraged fear.

Help Your Dog Feel Better With Medicine

  Help Your Dog Feel Better With Medicine
Born between the twelfth and 25 million cats and kittens in the United States each year.
Most of them find permanent housing.
Because their immune system is immature, we must be vigilant pet owners a new, even when it comes to seemingly minor ailments.
Although statistics can be difficult to obtain reliable estimates that between 20 and 40 percent of the pups do not live to see their second birthday.  
Cats are a little 'more flexible, and thus reduce the mortality rate.  
What are the most common diseases?WormsOften worms are found in newborn puppies.
It is usually passed to them a baby in the womb or through breast milk. Hookworms and are so common that veterinarians to deworm puppies usually the first or second visit.
It 'also possible to have puppies heartworm.  
It can get a puppy from heartworms at any time after birth, but it will not test positive for the infection up to six months later, because the worms take a year and a half to mature.  
Filariasis is the number one killer of dogs, so most of the lovers of dogs puppies of developing cardiovascular preventive medicine in the shortest possible time.GI problemsThe most common medical problems for dogs are the themes of the digestive system, which is not always a bad thing.
Puppies often experience diarrhea and vomiting, but this is usually due to gastro-intestinal systems are still growing and sensitive to new foods.
Pressure plays a role.
You do not need a psychologist to know that comics when you change the environment, animal and take him away from his mother and his brothers, he may be on board. 
 Therefore, it is quite common for dogs to test gastrointestinal problems during the first week at least.  
However, if these problems continue, it is best to take your new puppy to the vet as soon as possible. The best way to avoid these problems is to put your puppy on a diet of training, education and training adopted.
Refrain from making any sudden change in diet. Just as human embryos, puppies require large amounts of protein for growth. 
 For this reason you should never eat normal food dog.
It 'important to find a food that is specially designed for dogs.FleasAlthough rarely leaves the house, and it is still possible for dogs to get fleas. If the itching and scratching all the time, it probably means that they are full of vermin.
However, this problem can not be treated as the dogs mature.
He designed most of the over-the-counter flea and tick products designed for adult dogs.
The use of these topical treatments for severe puppies are not only safe, it can actually kill them! If you have a puppy and you suspect you may be suffering from injuries or fleas, ticks, it is always best to talk with your veterinarian.
More often than not, and you write a prescription for such a product approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  
This can usually dips and shampoos can be purchased from your veterinarian or discounted on the internet.
 ear mites
According to experts, about 50 percent of dogs and cats and keeps ear mites. Most injuries are relatively minor and do not require treatment. 
But when it comes to puppies, ear mites can cause serious problems. 
Because I'm immature immune system, are more likely to fall prey to secondary bacterial and fungal infections that often accompany these outposts.  
What are the symptoms? 
If your puppy is constantly shaking his head and / or scratching the ear, there may be a problem. 
The good news is that ear mites are relatively easy to diagnose, even for amateurs. 
Look into its ears. If you see a lot of brown wax, or if there was a foul odor, chances are good that you have a pet ear mites.
Why meet in a specific location, and the ear, and it is often easy to get rid of these pesky moths. Your puppy may not like it, but must be administered for the treatment of ear wash the affected area. 
Although there are some products on the market without a prescription, for the puppy, it is better to get a prescription from your veterinarian to make sure you have the right to be treated.  
Test reveals that the washing of the middle ear has a success rate of about 99 percent! 
Should be required only on rare occasions repeated. 
Online pharmacies are an alternative to pet a safe and convenient for your local veterinarian.